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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A couple years back in Germany at dinner with Koos Hassing, I met Kris Kotsopoulos and even though we did not exchange information, something told me we would meet again. Kris is very methodical and deliberate in his speech. He has spent decades travelling the world acquiring and practising some of the most cutting edge techniques in dog training and behaviour modification.

Skip to the present, I found Kris as a local luminary in the GSD world in Australia.
Apart from his competency as an Instructor and trainer, Kris is also a very dedicated Breeder in Australia of Working dogs- Dobermans and German Shepherds. In fact he even has coveted Genetic Material from some of the greats ! Take a look at the video below of real uncut footage of Gento vom Haus Larwin in Germany!!

I got a copy of Kris' book and since then, I could not put it down. If you are a beginner, it is absolutely excellent. If you are a seasoned competitor it helps you with that extra edge. For me having done everything from failing tracking to going 1st Place in Germany in OG Heide with 99 points, I can really appreciate the layout and information in this book. I highly recommend it-

If you've ever wanted to perfect your tracking and:
  • Achieve 100 points in tracking?
  • Learn how to plan and lay a track for success?
  • Increase scent commitment?
  • Eliminate the possibility of your dog missing articles?
  • Learn how to lay, introduce and teach corners?
  • Prevent overshooting of corners
  • Slow your dog down without destroying motivation?
  • Integrate clicker and remote trainer during tracking?
  • Understand your dog’s olfactory ability?
  • Shape behaviour for competition?
  • Proof your dog for tracking reliability?
  • Increase proficiency for Police, Search and Rescue

Check it out Here and get your COPY NOW 

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