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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Combat Strategies for the K9 Handler gets reviews from Australia and the UK

Since its release last year Combat Strategies for the K9 Handler has gotten allot of 'off the record' reviews. This is largely due to the fact that professionally I work with many guys and gals who's livelihood goes hand in hand with their anonymity, and we sometimes don't often see the impact they have on our own lives. However, every now and then I come across colleagues in similar fields that are able to let their opinions be heard. I was so honored by the reviews I got most recently from the UK, where Dorothy Collum contributing writer at a publication called Breed Notes sent the DVD to Operational K9 Handler 'Craig Howarth' and this is an excerpt of what he had to say: 'The instruction is clear, the demonstrations are crisp and to the point a testament to the skills of those involved.The dog used for the demonstration is an experienced dog, hence the control,
the focus of the animal is of a high standard, and it might be worth mentioning the training involved to get to this standard.  I am unsure if this DVD forms a series, if it is not I feel it should be. The progression of both dog work and handler skills (UDT) would be well sought after as both on aid and conducting training.

I also wanted to post what Kris Kotsopoulos said about the DVD. Kris is a dog trainer and supplies K9's to major departments in Australia and New Zealand. I could not have said this better:

We all know that the landscape of law enforcement today is vastly more complex than that of even a decade ago. The old model for K9 and Defensive Tactics training followed the ‘one size fits all’ approach; and two or three decades back, there were few viable alternatives. Nowadays though, ignorance is no longer a plausible excuse and it is expected that professionals keep abreast with best practice in all areas of training – including K9 / Defensive Tactics.
The Problem: 
There are two parts to the problem. The first being that most large Law Enforcement agencies are simply overwhelmed with operational duties, administrative considerations and the like, that they simply do not have either the time or the resources to be keeping abreast with changes in K9 Defensive Tactics training models – most of which are taking place at an accelerated rate within the private sector. The end result of this is that the K9 / Defensive Tactics training models in use tend to be decades ‘behind the times’. The second part of the problem is that operational needs vary greatly from agency to agency and from group to group within those agencies. The idea of one all-encompassing K9  / Defensive Tactics training package that will fulfil everyone’s needs – is simply a myth.
The Solution:
In as far as it is practicable to do so, everyone should be trained in a Core Competencies K9 / Defensive Tactics package that reflects absolute best practice by today’s standards. The emphasis here should be placed on DEFENCE – with the primary goal being to maximize survival opportunities and safety for the operator. Most Law Enforcement agencies are decades behind the private sector in this area. Operators remain at greater risk than at any other time in history.

I believe Vithala Singh’s address the above issues.

Thanks to everyone so far who have taken the time to review this DVD and make it available to the men and women on the front lines with their K9's !

For more about the DVD go HERE!


  1. Really, I am impressed from this post. The person who create this post is truly great. Thanks for sharing this with us. I found this informative and interesting blog so I think its very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article.

    1. I am glad you found this post agreeable and hope to continue to make strides in this industry that you and others can continue to remark upon.

  2. Hi Vit, Just a follow up on our last discussion on how things are progessing and when this book is scheduled for release. By the way stay tuned that Gento v Haus Larwin litter is closer than we anticipated.


    Kris Kotsopoulos - Von Forell Kennels Australia

  3. Kris, thanks for following up. The Book is scheduled for this years SV Sieger Show in Germany to be released. Providing I finish everything in time. Because of so many factors it is difficult to cordinate them all. I am so excited about the Gento Litter!
    Talk soon,