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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Latest Trial - I get to compete with my coaches :)

Ludovic Teurbane SEKG DVG Champ, Ivan Balabanov & Me

A couple weeks ago at the SPACE Coast Trial and the Southeast Regional DVG trial held in Alachua Florida, I had a chance to compete on the same field and under the same SV Judge as my two friends and coaches Ludovic Teurbane and Ivan Balabanov

We had a great time and really got to see a nice selection of top handlers and dogs in the Sotheast region. Akira did really well and got High IPO 3 with 97-96-90 in the open trial.

Akira, happy about her IPO3 High 
So I have made the decision to take a little break from competing with Akira so she can have her puppies :)
Yes you read that right, since we are now qualified for multiple events nationally and internationally, Akira was mated to Gonso.
Gonso is one of the last sons of World Champion Asko von der Lutter and is a grandson of Janko Vorwerkswald which brings alot of balance to his pedigree.
Gonso vom Wieratal
He is a very hard and dominant male and will make a linebreeding of 4-4 on famous dogs like Tim von der Abfuhr and Yoschy von der Döllenwiese when paired with Akira.
You can see more about it here
We expect puppies in mid to end of April. We hope to have nice black and tan and solid black puppies that will be well suited as service, sport and companion animals.

This way it gives us more than enough time to compete at the WUSV 2013 in the US, in October this year !You can see more info about the upcoming competition here 

Will keep you posted on all these and more in the next blog :)

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