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Monday, June 20, 2011

Edelweiss-Universal Sieger Show in Austria

Edelweiss is no longer reserved for the Sound of Music for those who remember, nor the Salzburg Festival
This year sees the inaugural event of a Universal Sieger Show in Austria. It will be a combination of the Conformation or anatomical assessments together with a score emanating from the Schutzhund 3 competition. Therefore it is a step to demonstrating the breed with as many facets of beauty as well as functionality, as seen thus far. Although we tried very hard to make it, Akira and I did not qualify. However this year Trinidad and Tobago will be represented by my close friend Christopher Seeyave of the German Shepherd Breed Club in Trinidad. He will be competing with 2 time WUSV competitor Glen vom Hexenkeller. Glen is a Tyson von der Schiffslache son and you can see his latest performance in international competition here:

Eric Wight (GB) with Glen vom Hexenkeller from on Vimeo.

We wish Christopher best of luck, and although I could not join him, I hope all his hard work pays off and that he gets a great score in the competition. 

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